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When I started with Elf in Bandar, nobody knew what Elf was about!

Elf was not visible when I started to work and, as employees, we always had to explain the company background and profile. Visitors used to get lost when looking for us in the building!
My career with Elf started within the Administration Department and over the years I moved to various positions. These moves helped me to gain experience and exposure. Over the past 25 years I have witnessed changes and the expansion of the company within Brunei. 
The change of the company’s name from Elf Petroleum to TotalFinaElf and then to Total; the growth of personnel; and the expansion of office space which started on a single floor and has now expanded to several floors.

Total is a company that provides opportunity to move on and to experience different positions. And this is exactly what I did, from various positions within the Administration Department I moved to the Operations Department and then back to Administration Department as the General Services Officer and now I am head of this section. It has been challenging since the beginning but my experience within the various departments has helped me a lot.

My present position is an interesting one, where we face different issues daily. One day, we have to deal with an urgent visa requirement, tomorrow it could be a car issue, next day there could be a housing issue. This makes the job interesting. The most difficult thing over the past few years has been the office space. “We need space” was becoming a regular request! Requests to organise renovations for a service to move again were frequently received.

The arrival of the MLS project required us to rent more office space. I often emphasized to my supportive team that we are an international company, and so it’s important that we think outside the box. 

I enjoy what I am doing and everyday there is something new, challenging and interesting. Routine doesn’t exist in General Services!


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