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Welcome to 2019! Welcome to TOTAL in Araxá!

“Welcome to 2019! Welcome to TOTAL!”

That’s how Antoine Tournand Vice President South America and Managing Director Total MS Brasil welcomed the new 129 Total Staff of Zema Petróleo in this first business day of 2019 in Araxá (State of Minas Gerais – Brazil).

With Zema Petróleo, Total M&S counts now 280 Service stations soon to be Total branded, that represent the first Total network in South America.

 “Everybody is excited with this moment. We are starting the year with a new challenge and a huge pride to be now part of Total Group!” said Leceandro Martins, Managing Director of Zema Petróleo.

After the first ever Safety Moment of the company Antoine Tournand stressed the parallels amid Zema and Total’s values “I was impressed with the clear similarities between Zema and Total values. That really makes me confident in our future together”. He then went on reminding the 5 values of Total : Safety, Respect for each other, Pioneer spirit, Performance minded, Stand together. The critical support provided by Total Lubrificantes do Brasil, AME zone and Paris teams, all duly represented was also highlighted as well as the need for future mutual support.

There are indeed strong challenges ahead in the integration part including sites rebranding,  IT adaptation, integration into financial reporting, implementation of all processes and standards of the group starting with safety. Both Total Lubrificantes do Brasil based in Sao Paulo and Zema Petróleo based  550 km away will have to work together to create a new Total Brasil  company based in Sao Paulo.

But the most important part is the ambitious development plan that the M&S sets itself for network growth in Brasil with the target of doubling the sales within the next 5 years. As was reminded by Antoine Tournand , the target is exactly aligned with Total MS Strategic path : “be a reference brand recognized for it’s close to customer approach and for the value it creates for each of them”.

A very special New Years day in Brasil full of enthusiasm, and the dawn of a new adventure on the South American continent !

One Total, our values
Stand Together

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