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Since I arrived in Brunei in 2011 in the Geosciences department, I have been working almost all of the time in high-speed mode. Even though the subsidiary is small, the number of topics, their diversity and their importance have been very impressive. 

It started with the validation of the MLS project and its battle with what we call the 15k wells. These were expensive and risky wells and to get them validated has been a long story. In parallel with this we also had to start the negociations of the new gas contract. As I am in charge of the reserves and the production profiles, my team and I had to evaluate how much gas would be able to export in the upcoming 10 years. "Can't you produce more? Do you guarantee that you will produce these volumes at minimum?" were the recurrent questions I had to answer. 

Once these major milestones had been completed a challenging and exciting new topic started: the unitization of the MLJ North panel. It will remain my favourite one as it mixes technique, negociations and strategy. This panel contains gas reservoir that straddle Brunei and Malaysia to find new evidence that will prove that the MLJ field, believed at first to be small, can have its initial reserves multiplied by more than 3 since 1999 and reach the size of "an elephant" in oil and gas jargon. We have never been so close. The MLJ field is definitely a nice success story. From Brunei I will always remember this contrasting feeling of having an intense working life in a very quiet country. We have never been so close to finding new evidence that will prove that the MLJ field, can enter the "elephant" category in oil gas jargon in term of reserves!". 

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