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Vincent Labouret - Secretary General of the CFP

Born April 11, 1922 in Paris. Faculties of Arts and Law of Paris, École libre des sciences politiques. Attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1944). Member of the French delegation to the Permanent Council of the Atlantic Pact (1950). Second Secretary of Embassy in London (1951). Member of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1956). Head of the Private Office of the Secretary of State to the Prime Minister (1959), the Minister of National Education (1960), the Minister of State for Algerian Affairs (1960). Chargé de mission in the office of Louis Joxe, Minister of State for Administrative Reform (1962). Foreign Affairs Counsellor in 1963. He was then seconded to the CFP as Director of External Relations (1964), then Secretary General (1966). He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Total Group. At the same time, he was appointed Minister Plenipotentiary (1969) and advisor to the Quai d'Orsay analysis and forecasting centre (1973). He died on November 1, 2009. 

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