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Victor de Metz - CEO of CFP

Born August 28, 1902 in Vesoul. Lycée Hoche (Versailles), École Sainte-Geneviève, École polytechnique. Engineer at the Corps des mines. Assigned to the arrondissement of Alès. In 1928 he joined the Steaua romana, responsible for drilling and production, then general manager. He joined the CFP in 1937, of which he was appointed director in March. It is associated with funding decisions and the CFP's commitments in prospecting for settlements. He entered the IPC files in 1940, replacing Jules Mény. After the departure of Ernest Mercier (at the end of 1940), Victor de Metz became one of the "seconds" of Jules Mény, the new CEO. During the conflict, it was he who planned the destruction of CFR stocks in Normandy in June 1940; he participated in the first steps of the SNPA. In October 1943 he was appointed administrator. In July 1945, the death of Jules Mény confirmed, he was appointed CEO. Its primary objectives are to enable the CFP to regain all of its rights in the IPC; to rebuild the industrial tool damaged by the war; to launch distribution in FrancePays FranceShow more and Africa. Very quickly, he began the expansion phase by supporting the renegotiation of the Heads of Agreement of the IPC (1948), the doubling of the Kirkuk-Banias pipeline and the development of petroleum activities in Abu Dhabi and QatarPays QatarShow more, as well as research other sources of oil in VenezuelaTotal au VenezuelaShow more (1947), CanadaPays CanadaShow more (1951), Algeria (1951),…He negotiated entry into Iran (1954), invested massively in distribution, abroad by buying networks, in FrancePays FranceShow more by integrating the "members" of the CFR under the Total brand (1954).The sixties saw deployment in the upstream (North Sea, Indonesia), downstream (integration of OFP and Desmarais), chemistry. Victor de Metz leaves the presidency at the time of the Algerian nationalization (1971). The CFP group is therefore often considered an eighth major. He died in January 1982.

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