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Tribute for Mr Pedro Ribeiro

Total Lubricants prepared a celebration to honor Pedro Silva for his 23 years of dedicated service.  “I started working here when I was 36 years old, by chance, and I didn’t expect to stay for so long. Time passed, I met many people and had the opportunity to know the company better, then I decided to stay. I never regretted.”

Pedro met Total while he was a bricklayer and worked building the company’s facility in Pindamonhangaba city, in 1993. “I remember the huge empty space. I’ve placed many bricks in the walls and contributed for the company to be as large as today”.

After a few years, this Pindamonhangaba’s citizen was inside the factory working in the production operating the machine in line 3.

“Total identified my potential and believed in me, offering trainings for my development”.

According to Olivier Bellion, general director for TLdB (Total Lubrificantes do Brasil), investing in our talents in all areas is our differential. With Mr. Pedro it was not different. He is an example of dedication and effort for all of us.

After 23 years of service, Mr. Pedro retired and the company organized a celebration: “It´s important to thank him and show all of admiration. We will miss him!” – said Mayra Ferraz, HR analyst .

For Mr. Pedro, who completed 60 years old and have been working since he was 18, it’s time to enjoy life and  family but it’s not time to stop: “I would like to study English and more trainings to do other things.”


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