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Total's ambition in Senegal is now part of a strong historical dynamic

Knowing the past of your business is essential to build your future

General Manager of Total Senegal for a year and a half, I experienced great interest and satisfaction in preparing for the anniversary of the subsidiary's 70 years of presence in Senegal.

History focuses on times gone by, but it is also rich in lessons and especially for future generations who can gain real benefits from them when they integrate. In Senegalese culture with a strong oral tradition, the history of families is transmitted by storytellers but rarely written down. I did not find any trace of work carried out on the history of Total in Senegal. With the help of the Headquarters teams in charge of the Group's history, we went to meet the stakeholders who participated in the history of Total in Senegal. From employees, managers, suppliers, transporters, large customers, refiners, ... all have a piece of the historical puzzle to piece together.

During this collection of work on the History of Total, employees and stakeholders each spoke of their history, often with passion, always with pride. They shared photos, collections, and it brought good memories. History is rich in lessons, and for all employees of the company, at all levels, it was an opportunity to measure the importance of the past and awaken the pride of belonging to a company anchored for 70 years in the country. A subject of pride, proof of a very strong roots in the country, the history of Total in Senegal is intimately linked to the history of Senegal.

In this continuity, it quickly became evident that the History of the branch office in Senegal should be written down now: this is the objective of the book that was prepared as part of this anniversary and will be given during of its celebration next March. It illustrates the strength and identity of our company in Senegal, which must be preserved and on which the future must be built. We must anchor ourselves on these historic values ​​to build our future, and further develop pride in belonging.

When I joined the subsidiary in 2016, I was immediately considered a Member of the Total Senegal Family. Now a family cannot ignore its History, it allows them to build their future.

2017 was therefore a flagship year of realizing the importance of the legacy of this subsidiary and what it could generate in the future. I was proud to participate in this construction which is to be continued ...

In Senegal, Total has played a major role in making clean, sustainable energy with high security standards accessible to the greatest number of people. All the ingredients are there to realize Total’s ambition in Senegal by following a strong historical dynamic, in the image of what the Group does worldwide.

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