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The success of Block 17

Total E&P AngolaTotal AngolaShow more’s success in Block 17 was made possible via an extensive analysis of the oil fields’ potential. Firstly because some areas did not contain any oil deposits, and even in those that did, we had to go and find them by 800m to 1600m of water and then we had to drill a further 1500m to 2500m. Block 17’s success, then, belongs first and foremost to our geoscience teams who were able to identify the block’s potential. Our technical teams then proved their worth when they set to drilling the oil fields and revealing their commercial potential in record time. This success cemented Total E&P AngolaTotal AngolaShow more’s image as a company that its partners could trust, both because we issued realistic targets and deadlines and had the means at our disposal to achieve them, and because our goals always resulted in concrete developments.

It’s no coincidence that the innovative technology developed by Total has twice been awarded the OTC prize. Total E&P AngolaTotal AngolaShow more is a leader not just in terms of production volumes, but also through its ability to explore reservoirs and start production in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost, while never compromising on the safety of its personnel nor the health of the environment and integrity of its facilities. Indeed, leadership, as well as being a source of pride and motivation for the teams involved, brings with it special responsibilities, as it is important to set a good example through excellence, excellence which is made possible through responsible operational management of each oil field, encompassing more than profitability and the recovery of oil reserves. Total E&P AngolaTotal AngolaShow more endeavored to apply this type of management in Block 3, so that Sonangol P&P is today in a position to continue with successful operations. We apply the same policy to Block 17, drafting development plans for the deposit’s entire life cycle, and we take care to ensure the long‑term integrity of our facilities, designed to run for 20 years. As for Block 17’s future, a major project is underway with CLOV, accompanied by smaller projects added to existing oil fields like Girassol with GirRI. Total E&P AngolaTotal AngolaShow more has created a dedicated division to manage these additional projects underway at Girassol, as well as future projects around Dália and Pazflor.

By optimizing existing fields in such a way, we are demonstrating the governance strategy agreed upon with Sonangol and our other consortium partners: StatoilHydro, Esso, and BP.

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