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The story of one drilling project

Introduction to the story.

2016 went on well for us. We sold the first lots of drilling fluid. We were eager to develop our business promoting EDC range.

Part I. August 2016. It was one of the cloudy days that summer. We were discussing new project with our client (C).

C: “Yes, a tender for a new location is opened. The project will start in 2017-2018. You may send your offer on EDC.”

Fortunately, new location was close to the one we were working with. It would be easy to split the product flow in two points.

November 2016. The day when it was sleety in Moscow.

C: “An Operator wants its own drilling fluid in this project. We can’t choose your EDC this time.”

A head was full of thoughts: “It will be tough getting this project. Never give in! There will be chances! We can be The Second Supplier at least.”

We: “OK. Just keep it in mind we are able to supply your locations with EDC properly.”

Part II. September 2017. One more rainy day.

We: “…How it is going on with your new project?”

C: “It is good. Mobilization is in progress. We will start soon.”

We: “What about fluid?”

C: “We expect the Operator to deliver the fluid right to the start of drilling.”

We did our best fighting for this project but lost because of Operator’s decision.

Part III. January 2018. Perfect sunny winter day.

C: “Hello! Help! Could you please deliver EDC at our new location urgently?”

We: “You told us you had to use Operator’s fluid.”

C: “Yes, but something’s come up! They can deliver the fluid in a month but we need it in a week…”

There was a special pause for a moment to taste the triumph. Somehow, we were ready to… that phone call.

We: “The product will be in one week. Wait for it.”

We delivered our EDC properly. It was SPOT sale with rather good quantity and margin and, we hope, with client’s good memory of what we did.

Epilogue. February 2018.

C: “The Operator and the project team were amazed by the quality of your fluid. It showed fantastic properties. They ask us to consider EDC for their projects in the future…" 

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