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SATORP :a giant is born

January 2008 ...... a small group of 8 Total Engineers arrives in Al Khobar at the invitation of Saudi Aramco. The vanguard of Total Armada being formed in the four corners of the world ...

Mission: to build a JV that would eventually be called SATORP (Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemicals) to build and operate a petrochemical mega site in Jubail.

August 2014 ... .the SATORP platform operates at 100% capacity ... It is the largest petrochemical platform in TOTAL's portfolio. The figures that describe it are just disproportionate: 500 hectares, 45,000 workers for construction (TRIR <0.2!), 400 000 Bbl / d WITH 100% conversion ....

Between the two dates: a superb and unforgettable industrial and human adventure. The pioneering spirit of the 140 Total employees mobilized in Saudi Arabia and their families (the Total community will reach 350 members ...) will prove its efficiency and adaptability among the 20 different nationalities present at SATORP.

SAUDI ARAMCO and TOTAL formed a complementary duo throughout this pharaonic project. The agreement between the employees of the two Groups on the ground was done in a natural, friendly and professional way. In addition to participating in this unique project in our industrial lives, we, Total expatriates, have come to know a country, its culture and its population so little known in our western countries and hope to have made Saudi Aramco want to continue working with Total: let SATORP 2 live!

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