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Sales & Logistic win together

Do you think commercial force is enough for the successive sales? What about other departments and their tools?

This story proves they could become a key stone of a profitable business.

A new project is always interesting and difficult to develop. Especially when it is about global KA that operates in your country. You can sell good volumes and get good margin. The problem is that your rivals resist giving away their business. The story is about the first sales of drilling fluid EDC.

It started in 2016. To get the first order the deal was at the edge of profitability. We proposed the product delivered at the location in ISO-containers (by 20 tons approx). So did the rivals. All competitors used the common practice of transportation. We could lost position when increasing the price.

We were lucky as our logistic team was involved in the project. We together met transportation companies discussing the ways of reduction costs. It was a meeting with one of our logistic partners when we were proposed using service that costed much higher for the container.

And… we happily accepted the idea. Were we crazy getting higher rate? Not at all.

The matter is that company offered to use SWAP. It is a modification of containers with lager capacity (25 tons approx.). It became possible to reduce the logistic costs for one ton of a transported product. It was enough for us to win next tenders and to get a stable position in that project.

Now it is one of the most valuable clients for us. Of course, we used other options to become a main supplier and to improve the profitability. But it was our colleagues from logistic department who helped us to start and to develop the project.

Cross functionality and Team spirit become main components of our success. Logistics understood problems of commercial team. Sales team used possibilities and advices of logistics.

What are the ways you can use to enhance your results? Discuss it, maybe, with other departments…

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