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Safia Tami, Director of Partnerships and Recruitment

What motivates me is being a link for social cohesion across communities and for youth inclusion.

L’Industreet is the result of two years of collaboration with all players in society: professionals in education, workforce entry and training; young people; the industrial and regional ecosystem; institutions and more. Our ambition was to have a project that all stakeholders in the fight against youth unemployment could identify with.

From 2018, the aim was to take action in communities, where there is an incredible pool for potential. I am always fascinated when I meet nonprofits working in the field, which I refer to as “community treasure troves”. Our project complements all of this wealth: we all grow together!

We don’t want this to be a “Paris project”, stuck in its ivory tower. After a first workshop held symbolically in Stains, a tour of the regions of FrancePays FranceShow more helped us to tackle subjects such as stereotypes, gender diversity, disability and psycho-social barriers. We knew straight away that we had no right to disappoint and that expectations were high, so we focused on sharing, coming up with solutions together. The praise we have received has been gratifying and encouraging. The participants appreciated the fact that we came to meet them, listened to them and consulted with them.

My role is also to lead a policy of partnerships that includes companies in each region. Here, the name of the game is to define their needs and adapt training courses, create a relationship of trust between trainees and recruiters, and raise the profile of the campus among professionals.

Lastly, the project was created for young people and with young people, because the objective is to empower them to take control of their own future. To help them, we designed an American-style campus where sport and culture are integrated into the compulsory curriculum. Sport and culture contribute to inclusion and to the acquisition of key skills, like self-confidence, eloquence, teamwork, listening, dialogue, collaboration, posture, assertiveness, and how we manage our emotions. The aim is to nurture the students’ talents and personalities as well as their technical know-how. Ultimately, we want to make sure that, once qualified, trainees are immediately employable thanks to the soft skills developed at L’Industreet and much sought-after by recruiters.


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