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Richard Baumgartner - CEO of Lille-Bonnières and Colombes and vice-president, then director of Total Compagnie française de distribution

Born November 20, 1903 in Paris. Son-in-law of Ernest Mercier, first PSC president, and brother of Wilfrid Baumgartner. Lycée Buffon, École polytechnique, marine engineering engineer. Engineer, then general manager, then vice-president in 1946 of the company Nord-Lumière. CEO of Lille-Bonnières and Colombes, a company of the CFP group, until 1972. Vice-president of Total Compagnie française de distribution (TCFD), then, in 1968, director of this company. He played an essential role in the creation of the Group’s endorsement at the time of the CFR’s membership in the Total network. Manager of the construction company for the Pierrelatte factory until 1965, then later CEO of the Groupement atomique Alsacienne-Atlantique. He is also CEO of the Alsatian Society for Mechanical Engineering, Hispano-Suiza. He was a director of CGE, Alcatel and Neyrpic, of Alsthom. Died in 1988.

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