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René Tassin de Montaigu - Director of the CFP

Born January 22, 1897 in Paris. Janson de Sailly High School, École Sainte-Geneviève, École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris. Collaborator of Jules Mény and Ernest Mercier at Steaua Romana, it was he who spotted Victor de Metz. Appointed Director of the French Oil Company in 1936. Director General during the Second World War, he represented the CFP in his interests abroad, settling in Lisbon and carrying out missions to the United States and London where he was officially "permanent representative of the Company". He was president of the CFDPA (French Company of Petroleum in Africa) and director of other subsidiaries of the Group. He played an important role in the entry of the CFP into the Iranian Consortium in 1954. He left the Company in 1959. Elected several times to the Economic and Social Council. He had another whole life devoted to modern and contemporary art. He has built up a collection that remains a benchmark in the art market. Founding member of the Association of Friends of the National Center for Art and Culture Georges-Pompidou, administrator of the Society of Friends of the National Museum of Modern Art, member of the steering committee of the Foundation for Art, Culture and the research. Died on June 11, 1994

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