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René Perrin - President of the CFR, Vice-President of the CFP

Born August 22, 1897 in Is-sur-Tille (Côte d'Or). École polytechnique, marine engineering engineer. CFP CEO from 1940 to 1966. Vice-President of the CFP from 1945 to 1970. Director of the Auxiliary Navigation Company. He was called by Ernest Mercier in 1935 to replace Louis Tronchère, one of the first directors of the sick CFP. He was director of the CFR in 1936. He joined Jules Mény in the Under-Secretary of State for Air Manufacturing in 1940, then in the Organizing Committee for Liquid Fuels. At the end of the War, he concentrated his efforts on the rehabilitation of the refineries of the CFR, was inspired by American technologies thereafter to equip the Group with catalytic cracking units. He was at the forefront of tensions with the French public authorities for the resumption of Saharan crude oil and the integration of the OFP and Desmarais distribution companies in the Group’s approval. He was also active in engaging the CFR in chemistry, from 1949. Member of the French Petroleum Institute. Died in 1992.

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