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René Granier de Lillac - CEO of the CFP

Born October 27, 1919 in Nantes. École polytechnique, École nationale supérieure des pétroles et des moteurs. Engineer in the Corps of Mines. He first worked in the Fuel Directorate where he was first deputy, then head of technical services. It was he who prepared the French depletion allowance dossier. On December 1, 1954, he joined the CFP. He was first in charge of CFP's holdings in the Middle East, he became Director Middle East, a newly created directorate, then Deputy Secretary General (January 1959), Secretary General (1960). On 1 January 1963 he became director of the Company. In 1966 he became a director, then CEO of the CFR. In 1968, he was a director of CFP, director and then Chairman of Total Chimie, a newly created company, and director of Total Compagnie française de navigation. In 1970 he became Vice-Chairman of the CFP, then Chairman in 1971; he remained Chairman until 1984. He led the Group during the oil crises, adapting it to the decisions of OPEC member countries, supervising in particular the rationalization of refining and the fleet, and relinquishing responsibility for the Group's chemical assets in 1983. He also led a major reorganization of the Group's structures in 1972-75, creating an Executive Committee, a Strategy Department and the appointment of two Directors General in charge of upstream and downstream activities. Died on October 21, 2009.

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