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René de Panafieu - Interim President of the SNPA

Born in February 1904 in Pontivy.

Mining engineer. From the teams of the Steaua romana, he joined Pierre Angot at the SNPA when it was created in 1941.

In 1944, when Pierre Angot was taken to deportation, he temporarily replaced him, at a time when the SNPA was a very small structure housed by the PSC rue du Docteur Lancereaux in Paris (it should be remembered that the PSC had about 15% of the capital of the SNPA and was to contribute by its means to the development of the company).

René de Panafieu relaunches the Company with veterans from Romania (Cauchois, Chappelet, Vautrin,…) and master pollsters from Pechelbronn. He must also work with a very deteriorated industrial tool. He is still with the SNPA when the Lacq deposits are discovered.

He returned to the PSC in 1955 and was posted to PE. In 1958 he was managing director of CFP (Normandy) and CFP (Gascogne). In 1959 he was managing director of CPTL (Total Libya Petroleum Company).

Died on June 18, 1967 in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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