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The Red Rounds are coming... launching the ELF brand.

On the night of April 27, 1967, a major operation was launched throughout FrancePays FranceShow more: the launch of the Elf brand.

Several photographers were commissioned to document the emergence of the new identity. This was the culmination of a new marketing campaign that was broadcast on all the modern media of the time, radio and newspapers, with a real sense of "teasing". Only red circles appear with these mysterious ads "The Red Circles are coming". All the old distribution brands such as Caltex or La Mûre merge into a new common image. The old signs are hidden under covers with a question mark. All the employees are mobilised so that the change of image is done jointly during one single night, the "night of the red circles".

An extraordinary organisation was set up with a headquarters in a beautiful common effort. Photographers in the different regions attend the presentation of the new image.

Everyone is working hard to replace the old brands with the new one. And this is what it looks like in pictures, it's been 50 years.

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