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Raymond Labbé - Director, CFP Central Procurement and Distribution Directorate

Born May 23, 1914 in Chabris (Indre).

École Sainte-Geneviève (Versailles), École du Commissariat de la Marine, École polytechnique.

Navy Commissioner, then military engineer of essences, director of essences for the armies in North Africa, then in the Far East, in the French zone of occupation in Germany and in the North of FrancePays FranceShow more (1936-1958). Engineer at CFP, coordinator of distribution subsidiaries (1958-1964).

Managing Director of Total Italiana, then Director at CFP for distribution and refining abroad (1969-1975). Chairman of Total West Africa and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total Morocco in 1973. Chairman of the Total Group in Italy in 1974. Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce in Italy (1967-1969), foreign trade adviser. 

He is the author of a study entitled Le Service des Essences des Armées de 1914 à nos jours, 2007.

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