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In progress with the development of new brownfield projects

The cross-functional organization we’ve deployed for brownfield projects isn’t all that new, but it’s grown more substantial as we’ve developed new projects. It’s demanding and really requires people to step up to the plate — newcomers in particular — but at the same time it’s very rewarding because it helps each team become more adaptable and able to tackle multiple issues at the same time. It also instills a collaborative mindset that fosters personal growth and enjoyment — and that’s entirely consistent with the One Total, Better Together philosophy. Outside the company, it generates a performance-minded solidarity with our external partners, since our mutual objective is to deliver projects efficiently and with a good HSEQ record in particular. So, for example, we’ve adopted the Focus safety culture program that was originally introduced for Kaombo in Block 32. Because brownfield projects are every bit as as demanding and complex as greenfield projects.

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