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Pierre Sartral -Vice-CEO of the Auxiliary Navigation Company.

Born July 5, 1914 in Neuilly sur Seine.

Sainte-Croix Institution (Neuilly), Sainte-Geneviève School (Versailles), civil engineer in maritime engineering. Lieutenant in Cherbourg in 1940. Engineer at the Seine-Maritime shipyard (1941-1947).

Joined the Auxiliary Navigation Company in 1947 where he was successively an engineer, head of the technical service (1956), director (1966), deputy director general (1970), director general (1971), administrator director general (1975), vice- CEO (1976-1977). He is therefore director of the CAN, associated with the Total group, at the time when the fleet is developing, with the order of large tankers due to the longer journeys following the nationalization of the Suez Canal (1956) and the 1968 crisis (ships over 50,000 DWT [eg Fabiola, 1960], then over 100,000 [eg Gilda, 1970], then over 200,000 in the 1970s [eg Hermione, Iseult, Isis , 1971 and 1974]. CEO of the African Armament Company (1978). CEO of the Fruit Navigation Company (1975-1978), CEO of the Henri-Lesage Maritime Agencies (since 1978), administrator of the Naval Oil Company and French West Workshops.

Member of the French committee of the American Bureau of Shipping.

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