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Pierre Germes - Director of the PSC, Director of exploration-production of the CFP

Born December 20, 1919 in Béziers (Hérault). Sainte-Geneviève (Versailles), École polytechnique, National School of Petroleum and Engines. Joined the SNPA in 1949 as an engineer. In 1951 he became assistant to the director of SPAEF (Société des pétroles d'Afrique equatoriale française), then deputy director general of CFP-A (Compagnie française des pétroles en AlgérieTotal en AlgérieShow more), from 1953 to 1961. Director of new affairs (1961 -1963), then production director (1964-1971), then E&P director of the CFP (1971-1985). Member of the executive committee in 1975, director of the CFP in 1977, CEO of the CFP-A in 1977. CEO of Omnirex (Omnium for oil exploration and exploitation) in 1963, of Total Exploration Australia (1963), president of Total Indonesia (1968). Director of COMEX, IFP, OFP, Franco-Tunisienne des pétoles, CGG, Technip and IFP. Vice-president of the Union Chamber of Petroleum and Natural Gas Research and Production (1974). Died on June 4, 1991.

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