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Pierre de Radzitzky - Researcher at Petrofina

Born in July 1927 in Marenne. Doctorate in chemical sciences from the University of Leuven. In 1958 he was appointed head of division at Labofina, in charge of the "organic" division; there he researched clathrate, which allows the fine separation of very similar aromatic products. From the beginning of the sixties, he wrote several articles in renowned scientific journals (Nature, Journal of the Chemical Society Perkin, ...), often in collaboration with J. Hanotier.
He filed several patents on the oxidation of alkylaromatics and paraffins (1976). He ends his career as honorary director of Fina Research. Also a researcher in the field of art history, he has left several works on the history of goldsmithing, including an article on a goldsmith from Liège who settled in Carpentras in the 18th century and whose works remain, Martin Bouchtay. He was also a renowned mountaineer. He died on 20 October 2013. 

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