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Pierre Capoulade - Director of the CFP

Born August 15, 1928 in La Souterraine (Creuse). Collège Chaptal and Lycée Condorcet (Paris), Ecole Polytechnique, Engineer at the Corps des Mines. Head of the mineralogical sub-district of Alès and sub-director of the Technical School of Mines of Alès (1953-1957); head of the mineralogical sub-district of Montpellier, then Grenoble (1957-1960). He joined the CFR where he spent a large part of his career: Deputy General Secretary of the CFR (1961), then General Secretary (1963), Director, then Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer from 1973 to 1980; Director of the CFP, member of the Executive Committee (1980-1990), Director of Total Supply, Refining, Distribution and Chemicals (the Group's downstream branch outside FrancePays FranceShow more). CEO of Total Chemicals (1980-1990). Vice-Chairman of Hutchinson (he played an important role in the turnaround of this subsidiary), Director of SPLRL (Raffinerie de Lorraine), Total Chimie, and Société Normande de l'Nitrogen. Dead in 2018.

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