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Pierre Angot - First President of the RAP and the SNPA

Born April 25, 1902 in Montréjeau (Haute-Garonne). Ozanam School (Toulouse), Fermat High School, Polytechnic School. Engineer at the Corps des mines. Assistant to the management of mines in 1926, then in charge of the mineralogical sub-districts of Metz-Nord and Metz-Sud. With Jean Bichelonne (future head of industrial policy for the French State), he produced an atlas entitled Le Bassin ferrifère de Lorraine, published in 1939. In 1936 he joined the Steaua Romana, a Romanian company in the orbit of the PSC, as central technical director, then deputy general manager and administrator. After the declaration of war, he participated with Léon Wenger in the preparation for the destruction of the Romanian oil industry which the Germans wanted to take. Unfortunately, his name appeared in French GQG files seized by the occupier in May 1940. Angot was expelled from Romania. He found Jules Mény on the Organizing Committee for Liquid Fuels. In 1941, he was chosen as CEO of the SNPA which had just been created, then also president of the RAP (Autonomous Régie of Petroleum). He was responsible for operating the Aquitaine Basin, where the gas was discovered at Saint-Marcet in 1939 and where drilling was started. From 1943 its role was to continue them while preserving them from the requirements of the Kontinental Oel, very active in the area. Relations between German society and Rap are deteriorating. In June 1943, the RAP discovered oil in Gensac (Haute-Garonne) and managed by delaying measures to delay its exploitation by the Kontinental Oel. Pierre Angot is made responsible for it. After another diversion intended to hide the occupation of the Saint-Marcet factory by the FFI, he was arrested on June 8, 1944. He was locked up in Fresnes, sent to Buchenwald, then assigned to the salt mine of Plömnitz in the Weimar region where he died of exhaustion on February 6, 1945.

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