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Paul Crosnier - CFR CEO

Born on 9 July 1914 in Livry-Gargan (Seine et Oise). Lycée Chaptal (Paris), Ecole Polytechnique, Ponts et Chaussées engineer. Engineer in Constantine and Algiers (1938-1942), Chief Engineer of the Electricity Department in Algeria (1943-1946), Deputy Director General of Electricity and Gas of Algeria (1947-1954). Joined CFP in 1954, then CFP-A in 1955, was appointed Director General (1955-1963), then Director from 1964 to 1988. At the same time, he held senior posts in CFP's central exploration and production department, in particular director of production from 1957 to 1966; he was also for a time director of technical services at CFP (until 1963). In 1963 he was deputy general manager, then general manager (1966-1970) of the Wendel mines and plants. In 1970 he joined the CFR as managing director, director in 1971, CEO until 1980. He was Honorary Chairman of CFR, then CRD Total FrancePays FranceShow more. He was also Chairman and CEO of Total-Chimie from 1973 to 1980, Director of Hutchinson in 1974 (when CFR acquired the company) and of the Société des hydrocarbures de Saint-Denis.
He is a key man in Total's downstream operations just after the first oil shock, i.e. its restructuring at a time when rising raw material prices were combined with the excesses and inadequacy of industrial capacity (refineries, chemical plants, ships), falling consumption, government interference in particular to keep product prices low and to implement an energy security policy. 

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