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My commitment to Total: how to rise any obstacle

I oversee site mechanical contractors and their activities, develop and pursue small site capital projects, while still working closely with the various engineers on site, production, maintenance and I/E groups. To round things off, I have been given the responsibility of monitoring the packaging operations and working with management to develop improvements to our packaging processes. After 40 years, it seems I'm back where I began.

I enjoy project development and the diverse processes that we work to improve, but it has always been the people that help bring it all together. Their ideas and support have helped make it more enjoyable. We have been family for many years and for many of us, our parents worked together at this site before we stepped into their shoes.

I like working for a company that puts the employees, their families, and the community first. Hurricane Rita hit our area 10 years ago just a few days after our transition into Total. The support that was given to the area, not just here at this site, but also to the Port Arthur Refinery was a great help to the individuals who worked for Total and for Southeast Texas. When so much was lost or destroyed, our company supported the clean-up efforts and put people and the community first before focus reverted back to business.

My advice for new Total employees is always take the high road. There are rewards in doing your best and you can take pride in the fact that you have completed each task at the best of your ability. When you do that, you will rise above any obstacle.

One Total, our values
Performance-Minded, Stand Together

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