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My career in Total in 2 words: stand together!

I've done so many different things in 40 years. I was hired into the labor gang and worked in the rigging department as my Father's helper. Back in those days when there was a major turnaround, the company would hire 400 people as temporary laborers and many were placed in the crafts as helpers. After the turnaround 12 of us were hired as permanent employees. I worked as a helper in every craft for the first 2 years of my employment.

I worked as an operator at the old FCCU, HDPS, and OMS. I also was a central operator on the Crude /Alky console and trained on the RPC. In 1985 I became a Shift Foreman, then Shift Supervisor and Shift Central Supervisor, before going into the Technical department as a Mechanical Inspector in 1986. A couple of years later I became the Process Supervisor over the old FCCU, Alky, VB and Treating Plant.  

After we shut down the old FCCU I worked as Process Coordinator for about a year before getting back into Process Supervision over the HDPS, Central Control and then the new FCCU. 

In 2003, I was asked to work in the newly created Corrosion Specialist job and then the Coker inspector. Since 2013, I have been back in operations over the HDPS and Sulfur Block, and now working in Area 2 as Turnaround advisor. Whew! That was a mouth full!

I like the spirit of cooperation. Together we have the answers, support each other, and share successes.

What contributions am I most proud of? I was secretary of the union for a couple of years. I was on the company negotiating team which worked to get company insurance for hourly employees. I was fortunate to be involved with improving our interviewing and hiring practices. I have worked on many investigations and committees, making great improvements, such as our energy isolation. Working closely with some great operators and engineers, we have found ways to improve operations and make systems more safe and profitable. 

I have been a part of projects such as RPC, FPM, LD2, GHT, OGT, DCP and FGRU2 and participated in the execution of many turnarounds, not least of which were the East End over the last couple of years and the Sulphur Block last year. I was blown away at how excellent the operators were in executing them. I am most proud of the operators I have qualified and the working relationships and mutual respect I have with so many operators and people in all departments and management. I like to think of myself as a poster child for the One Total value, Stand Together!

My advices for new employees? 

- Make the work environment what you want it to be

- Share information 

- Be worth more than your pay

- Constantly strive to improve

One Total, our values
Stand Together

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