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My career has been a rewarding roller-coaster ride

As a fairly fresh graduate back in 2003, the challenges that were offered to me at the time enticed me to start my career with TEPB (Total Exploration and Production Borneo). These challenges included the enhancement of Humain Resources and Corportate Communications within the company; in new career venture in a French international company and the opportunities it entailed such as the possibility of international assignments and working with different cultures.

The above challenges have turned out to be very rewarding for my professionnal developpment. Looking back from where I am right now, throughout all the different phases of my career, I have so many beautiful memories as well as enriched experiences that have contributed to both, my professional and personal life.

In terms of Corporate Communications, besides the numerous events that had been organised there were a few of them that were of particular importance. The other unforgettable note that I like to share is the restart of Production sharing Agreement in 2010 which maps the Human Resources and Corportate Social Responsabilities activities. Concerning HR, it was the topics of localization, recruitment and development of local staff and the revision of compensation and benefits, enhancing HR processes ensuring this department as a business partner. On CSR aspect, I could never forget the Brunei Maritime Museum project and the scholarship program for study in FrancePays FranceShow more.

My task in both projects was to convey the message that TOTAL CSR's Strategy is not only about funding but rather ensuring sustainabilty of the projects by means of knowledge building and transfer strategies.

The synergy, support and trust that I had from Management, and my team was very significant for building up and strengthening my working experience and professionalism which eased my way of becoming an ambassador amongst few Bruneian on international assignment. 

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