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M&S Communication Seminar

I have been invited with some of my peers from Marketing & Services division across the world to meet the team in Headquarters, prior to a bigger Communications Seminar. We were a little group of 6, all from various countries (Ghana, Singapore, Uganda, India, Jordan and UK). The goal of this day was to meet our colleagues in Paris, but also to share best practices with other affiliates. 

I could not imagine at the time how rich and useful this day would be on a professional and personal level. As a French living in London for many years, I have met many personalities from across the world. But meeting peers from such different countries taught me so much. We realised how closed we were but also how different our work lifes were. Hearing about cultural customs, different languages and habits showed me how diverse Total can be. 

We also had the opportunity to discover Paris in the evening, which was even for me being from Paris a unique opportunity while trying to promote our beautiful country to foreigner from all continents. 

After spending almost a week all together in Bougival training centre, we decided to keep contact and create a Whatsapp group from that week. We regularly exchange best practices, news and personal matters. 

That week showed me that no matter where we work, which language we speak or who we are, Total is the perfect example of One Voice, One Company. 

One Total, our values
Respect for Each Other, Stand Together

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