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Michel Lemaignan - CFP Director of Information and External Relations

Born on 28 April 1921 in Pauillac (Gironde). École Sainte-Marie-Grand-Lebrun, Lycée Montaigne (Bordeaux), Faculty of Law of Bordeaux. Law degree, École polytechnique, cavalry officer (1942-1948). Consulting engineer in organization (1948-1951). Head of the technical services of Sosumav (Société sucrière de Mahavavy) in Madagascar (1948-1951), Director of the Jute Industry Productivity Centre; technical adviser to the Union of Textile Industries from 1953 to 1958. Joined CFP in 1958 as head of organization and training services (1958-1963), then became managing director of Total Oil Marine in London until 1972, when he became director of the Group's E&P subsidiaries; in 1973 he was director of exploration, then in 1976 director of information and external relations until 1986. Honorary Chairman of ASTEO (Scientific and Technical Association for the Exploitation of the Oceans) for which he has published the proceedings of symposia (e.g. Measurements in the Marine Environment, in 1971) and Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Scientific and Technical Research. President of ACADI (Association des cadres dirigeants pour le progrès social et économique), from 1978 to 1983. Died 20 July 2011.

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