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Manoelle Lepoutre talks about the genesis of L'Industreet

In 2016, I was asked to head up the Civil Society Engagement Department and I readily accepted. Very quickly, we began thinking about our corporate philanthropy and the place we wanted to give to youth inclusion and education, an area that was and continues to be a priority for the citizenship program. Just one example is our involvement in apprenticeship and workforce entry programs at Production Schools since 2018.

The creation of L’Industreet, which has similar goals, is an even greater challenge since we started from a blank canvas. Because it is a large-scale project and a major public-interest commitment by Total, we had to make sure we had the best chance of success. So I am very proud to have seen this project through to completion. L’Industreet is a collective challenge taken up by a trusted team that has worked tirelessly for two years to make this project a reality.

L’Industreet is underpinned by several strong convictions which I am happy to be able to promote. First of all, the vital importance of gender diversity, which is something close to my heart and one of our fundamental values, so that young women too can imagine their future in industry trades and that the campus allows them to access jobs where all too often they are not given a proper chance. Then there is the need to break down the old-fashioned stereotypes that exist when it comes to jobs in industry – and there are still far too many in FrancePays FranceShow more – with a school that trains young people in useful and interesting professions in which they can see themselves making a career. Lastly, it’s about meeting a crucial challenge: offering training in professions that lead to permanent jobs in industry. That’s our philosophy and the promise we make to the young people who join L’Industreet.


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