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Léon Castelain - CEO of Petrofina

Born in Braine-le-Comte (Belgium) on June 13, 1900. Entered Petrofina in 1925 after several years in the banking sector in Braine. In 1927, he was responsible for the development of the RPN (Northern Oil Refinery, Dunkirk), he joined PetroCongo during the 1930s. In 1936 he was appointed deputy director at Petrofina, then director in 1946, then general director in 1951, with responsibility for the finance, administration and trade departments. In 1955 he was a director of Purfina Hellénique, Deutsche Purfina, the Belgian Petroleum Gas Company, Purfina Nederland (1956), and of Petrobelge (1957). In 1958 he was elected chairman of the board of Purfina italiana. In 1960 he was appointed director-director of Petrofina. Appointed vice-chairman of the board of Hellenic Fina in 1962. Managing Director of Petrofina from 1967 to 1972. Died in 1978.

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