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Joseph-Camille Genton - Chief Financial Officer of the CFP

Born September 17, 1923 in Montbrison (Loire). Lycée de Saint-Étienne, École libre des sciences politiques. Degree in literature, doctorate in law. Chargé de mission at the Nuremberg International Tribunal (1945-1946). Executive assistant at the Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas (1947-1949).  After a stint with the CFDPA - where he carried out, among other things, two missions in Morocco for the CFP - he joined the CFP in October 1952, where he became Treasurer (1958), then Finance Director in 1966, and remained until 1985, being appointed member of the Executive Committee in 1974 and Director of the Company in 1977. Vice-CEO, then CEO of OFP (Omnium financier de Paris) until 1990. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Société financière d'Auteuil (where some of CFP's real estate assets are located, including its headquarters in rue Michel-Ange), Prétabail Sicommerce (1976), Omnibanque (1986), Director of Compagnie La Hénin, CGG and Christian Dior. To give an order of magnitude of the responsibilities of CFP's Chief Financial Officer around the 1970s, it was commonly believed at the time that the Group's cash position was equal to the sum of the cash balances of the three largest French banks (BNP, Société Générale and Crédit Lyonnais). After his retirement, he embarked on a project of economic development through micro-credit in South America with a personal contribution. He died a few years later.

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