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Joseph Bith - President and CEO of the North Oil Refinery (Purfina)

Appointed president in 1948, his primary responsibility was to rebuild the Dunkirk refinery and secure payment of war damages following its destruction in 1940.

He was one of the players in the merger with BP in 1946: the plan planned by the management of Carburants in FrancePays FranceShow more asked the subsidiary of BP in FrancePays FranceShow more (Societe Generale des Oils de Petroleum) to give up rebuilding the refinery in Courchelettes, near of Douai, severely affected by the bombardments; the two subsidiaries came together to form a joint company and launch the construction of the new refinery; moreover, they were bound by a long-term supply agreement. Joseph Bith is also one of the craftsmen of the Purfina Transports fleet, which by merging with French Purfina was to give birth to Fina FrancePays FranceShow more in 1970.

In 1955 he was a director of Tunisian Purfina, French Petrofina, Petronaphte, SCREG. He left office in 1967, but remained a director until 1972. He died on February 1, 1979.

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