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Jean-Pierre Labro - Director of Public Relations and Communication of Elf Aquitaine

Born October 6, 1933 in Paris. Lycée de Montauban, Lycées Jeanson-de-Sailly and Condorcet in Paris, Facultés des lettres et de droit de Paris, École des manufactures de l'État. Editor (1953-1960) at the Service d'exploitation industrielle des tabacs et allumettes (SEITA). Joined Antar-Pétroles de l'Atlantique in 1960, as sector manager (1960-1961), then sales manager (1962-1967), regional manager (1968-1970), then sales manager at the time of the merger with ERAP and until 1978. He was then Deputy Director of External Relations for the Elf Aquitaine Group (1979-1980) and Director of Public Relations and Communication from 1981 to 1995. Vice-Chairman of the Elf Foundation (1994). Chairman of Entreprises et Médias after 1988. Director of Communications for Édouard Balladur, candidate for President of the Republic in 1995, Communications Advisor to the Paris City Council (special advisor to Mayor Jean Tiberi), then advisor to the Chairman of the Committee for Paris' Olympic bid (2000-2001). Died on 22 July 2013.

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