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Jean-Paul Delcourt - CEO of SNPA de 1961 à 1965

Director and Managing Director, then President of PREPA (Société pour la recherche et l'exploitation du pétrole alsacien) before being appointed to head SNPA, succeeding André Blanchard.

Strangely we have little information on his biography. According to André Bouillot, who pays tribute to him - rather narrowly - in the SNPA Gazette [n°32, p. 3-4], it is understandable that he was at the Plan and in ministerial cabinets with Jean Monnet, Félix Gaillard or Pierre Pflimlin. Its role will have been to anticipate well in advance the programmed decline of Lacq at the end of the 1970s, by directing the SNPA towards AIP abroad, in CanadaPays CanadaShow more in particular, and towards petrochemicals, especially from Lacq's gas and sulphur production.

He died in full activity on 19 May 1965 at the age of forty-five.

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