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Jean-Louis Breuil-Jarrige - CEO of Total Compagnie française de distribution

Born on 19 March 1924 in Voutezac (Corrèze). Lycée de Laval, Faculty of Law of Paris. Graduate in private law and political economy, graduate of the Institute of Legal and Financial Sciences. Chartered accountant. Joined Compagnie française des pétroles in 1954 in the accounting department, then became head of subsidiary operations in the finance department (1957), a key position in the Company's history. In 1962, he continued his career for the Group in Italy, where he grouped together the OFP subsidiaries, became Chief Financial Officer, then Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Executive Officer of TOTAL SIPA (1965-1974). In 1975 he was appointed CEO of TCFD and Director at CFR. He remained so until the merger between CFR and TCFD, which gave CRD Total FrancePays FranceShow more (1985). In 1986 he was appointed President of UFIP (UCSIP, which became the Union française des industries pétrolières) until 1990. Member of the Economic and Social Council (where he wrote a report on non-energy petroleum products in 1993), member of the statutory committee of the CNPF (which will become MEDEF). Died at the end of 1993.

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