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Jean Hubert de Vries - Director General of the Autonomous Petroleum Authority

Born April 4, 1900 in Marseille. Sainte-Geneviève in Versailles, École polytechnique, National Higher Petroleum School. Petroleum engineer at Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon) in the United States and Romania from 1925 to 1928, then at the French Society for Petroleum Research in VenezuelaTotal au VenezuelaShow more, a subsidiary of French Petrofina, from 1929 to 1932. In 1937, he was appointed director general of the Midi Oil Research Center, which will become the Autonomous Petroleum Authority, after the discovery of the Saint-Marcet deposit on July 14, 1939. He remained so until 1955, when the RAP began to develop. develop in the Sahara. On that date he joined the Exxon group, becoming director of Esso-REP and Esso Sahara until 1965. Died in 1980.

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