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Jean Fouchier - CPAWS Deputy Executive Director

Born November 5, 1914 in Niort. High Schools of Niort and Poitiers, Bachelor of Science, Ecole polytechnique. Chief Powder Engineer, General Armament Engineer. Head of department in the chemical industries directorate of the Ministry of Industrial Production during the Second World War. Receiver of the Ig Farben factories in Ludwigshafen, then head of the industrial division of the Military Security Office (1945-1952). Managing Director of the National Gas Company of the Southwest (1954-1960). Deputy Director General of the SNPA from 1959 to 1973. Chairman of Organico (1964-1966), then CEO of Aquitaine-Organico (1966-1973), and of UCEA from 1969. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ATO Chimie. Chief Executive Officer of the Elf Aquitaine group (since 1973). Director of Sanofi and of the National Institute for Applied Chemical Research. It was under his responsibility that the foundations of the Elf group's chemical industry were laid from the mid-1960s onwards - positions in which he was responsible for bringing the sometimes divergent interests of Total and Elf together - and then of Sanofi with René Sautier and Jean-François Dehecq. He also worked with a colleague to produce a trilingual chemical dictionary.

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