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Jean Féger - Deputy Director General of the SNPA

Alsatian School (Paris). Polytechnic school (X31). Engineer officer during the Second World War, then instructor at the Saumur Cavalry School. Joined the SNPA in 1943. Jean Féger arrived in Lavelanet and then in Pau on May 1, 1945. He was one of the discoverers of Lacq in 1951, after which he put all his energy into ensuring that the Company managed to exploit this deposit, then the largest in Europe, and controls its complexities, in particular the abundant presence of H2S. It plays a major role in setting up operating facilities, in negotiations with local populations and public institutions. Deputy Director General of Exploration and Production in 1960. Deputy Director General of SNPA and member of the Executive Committee of ERAP. Leaves the Group at the time of the ERAP-SNPA merger (1976). He was also very involved in the development of the Adour basin. André Bouillot considered that one of the success factors for the development of the SNPA had been the constitution by Jean Féger of a team of leading drilling professionals ("it takes twenty years to train a master"). Died in 1987.

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