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Jacques Dupouy-Camet - Exploration Director at Total E&P

Born September 18, 1921 in Paris. Lycée Charlemagne and Faculty of Sciences of Paris. National School of Mines of Paris, National School of Petroleum and Engines, Doctor of Science. Begins his career as a geologist at SNPA (1943), then at the CFP (1949) where he is attached to the geological service. He spent most of 1949 in VenezuelaTotal au VenezuelaShow more and many months of 1950 in Mexico. In 1954 he went to test the ground in Libya, where a representation of the group was created. Director of the French Oil Company (Gascogne) in 1957, then of COPETAO (Total Oil Company of West Africa) in 1959, of which he is Deputy General Manager, then General Manager, as well as of Total Nigeria, Total Ghana , Total Indian Ocean (1964-1967). President of the Société anonyme de la raffinerie des Antilles (SARA) from 1969 to 1971. Coordinator of the CFP's overseas distribution subsidiaries (1967-1971). His main role was Director of Exploration of the PSC from 1971 to 1985, during which time he oversaw the development of the PSC outside the Middle East, particularly in the North Sea and Indonesia, as well as developments in the region. Algerian upstream. Director of the CGG (Compagnie Générale de Géophysique). Died on January 2, 2011. "His talent as a diplomat and his interpersonal skills managed to order a stir in the naturally contested world of geologists" (Philippe Marc-Dufaure, François Mauriac: watercolor ethnologist in Aquitaine countries).

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