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Jacques Bonnet de la Tour - Chief Financial Officer of ERAP then Elf Aquitaine, Chairman of SOGERAP

Born June 12, 1922 in Montrouge. Lycée Louis le Grand in Paris, Faculty of Law of Lyon, Doctor of Law. Student at the National School of Administration. Technical adviser in the cabinet of Jacques Chaban-Delmas, Minister of National Defence (1957-1958). Head of economic and financial services at the BRP (1958-1965) then financial director of ERAP. Chief Financial Officer of Elf Aquitaine until 1985. Director then Chairman of SNIP (Société nationale de financement des recherches de pétrole), then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SOCAP (Société commerciale auxiliaire de pétrole) and SOGERAP (Société de gestion des participations d'Elf-ERAP). Director of Elf-Union, Union chimique Elf Aquitaine, Socantar, Paribas Gestion, SANOFI. Died in November 1999.

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