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It was such a challenge to create the LSO entity in two years!

Before my arrival, the Logistics Support Operations was not a department by itself; it was under the Operations Department. I was sent to Brunei in order to build this new entity.

Everything had to be done starting with creating all of the required procedures! For two years it was a real challenge but we finally did it! We didn’t have a choice but to succeed because the new exploration drilling campaign will be starting in January 2016.

On a daily basis, a fundamental aspect of our job is working to achieve our key performance indicator targets (KPIs). We must follow the objectives set in the year and they must be quantifiable, qualitative and measurable. We also have to address any anomalies that are directly reported. In this way we can optimise for example, our offshore trips. If the Pertama, our vessel, is not complete, we will cancel the mission. Everything is calculated in order to optimise.

Every week, we also evaluate the results of all our operations. The responsibilities of LSO (warehouse management, stock physical movements, goods receipts just to name a few) are very diverse and we have to be very accurate.

The review of 2014 was very positive: we managed to create a logistics entity and we can now evaluate reporting and KPIs. This is a great achievement for the whole team. Last December, I decided to move to the office in Muara, it was important to be physically there to finalise the development of the whole structure. I have been working in Total for 21 years but mainly in the logistics field for the past six years, this position in Brunei has been challenging but so far, I can say that I am really enjoying the job.


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