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I spent 16 beautiful years in TPA

I work for Total since 2003. I started working at TPA immediately after High school.

I spent 16 beautiful years in TPA. What I like working in TPA is the mix between professional goals and human moments. I remember all the birthdays with lots of fun, decorating offices for special occasions, working weekends and making dinner all together with my colleagues.

The 50th anniversary party was a celebration we will remember. It was very tiny and cozy, just like TPA is comparing to the other plants of the Antwerp platform.  So it was a very nice day, with all the people of TPA together. 50 years is some age to stand still about the history of how we get here.  I believe that sometimes we don’t do that enough, everything seems so normal, but maybe we have to realize us that 50 years of TPA in Antwerp is quite a thing!

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