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I am happy to be part of Qatar’s growth

I joined Total in 2003. I already knew the company’s good reputation because I grew up in Egypt where it is well known.  What I love about my job is that every day is a new challenge and experience; there is no routine at all. I started as a junior telecom engineer. After two years, I was promoted as Lead Telecom Engineer. As long as we can manage the job, the company gives us a lot of independence and I appreciate this.

Six months ago, I started to work on a bigger scope with the Contracts & Procurement division. It is a new experience where we have to deal with the complete lifecycle of the project. One of these projects is setting up a network connection upon receiving a new rig or a barge. When you set up information solutions system, at the beginning, there is nothing on board and we have to build up all the networks from scratch. I had to learn really quickly about new technologies within a cost control atmosphere and we managed to save a lot of money on every task we achieved. I really enjoy going on site because upon visiting a platform, we always get to discover a new view, either on a whale-sharks family, a group of tunas or simply on magnificent big Blue Ocean!  One of my biggest achievements so far was last year when we hosted for few months the whole IT environment of the brand new company, North Oil Company.  This company is a joint venture between QatarPays QatarShow more Petroleum and Total. We had to set up five sites hosting more than 150 users and equipped them with phone and numbers computers. We also had to create a network for each and every one of them. It was so challenging and exciting!

I really enjoy the diversity of the company, working with so many nationalities; you get to know a lot about other mindsets and especially about FrancePays FranceShow more. There is also a strong feeling of solidarity in office, you can rely on your colleagues if you face a problem and this is where I came across some great friends. Working in TEPQ is a great opportunity for me to build for my country. I feel like I am part of QatarPays QatarShow more’s growth and I am proud of it.  I am still in the process of understanding all other departments and in five years time, I see myself as a department manager.



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