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Hidra, the first offshore field in Argentina and the southernmost field in the world

In 1978, when Total Austral started its operations in Argentina, there were neither offshore exploration, nor experienced professionals, nor background or services to support this type of activities. When production from Hidra, the first ArgentineTotal en ArgentineShow more offshore field, started up in 1989, I was 24 years old. I remember we received intense training for several months both in Argentina and abroad, which prepared us for such formidable challenge. We were a team of 60 people and we built a strong team spirit, which has been an indelible mark in our operations to this date. I remember when we arrived at Rio Cullen production site at a stage prior to the startup; there were over one thousand people working on the construction.

I cannot forget the strain and excitement on the first day, while we were waiting for the production startup. In such a remote place of Tierra del Fuego, we learnt to share everything, even the most complex problems, always eager to prove ourselves that we were able to solve them.

In retrospect, that was just the beginning of a successful exploration and development process that has been incorporating other reserves: Cañadón Alfa, Kaus, Carina, Aries, Vega Pléyade and, 39 years later, is still looking ahead.

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