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Henri Vautrin - Director of Exploration, CFP

Born in 1905 in Paris.

Lycée de Saint-Brieuc, civil engineer in mines, National School of Petroleum and Engines.

He devoted the first three years of his career to metal mines; then in 1931 he became a geologist at the French High Commission in Syria and Lebanon. He was seconded to the CFP Compagnie Française des pétroles in 1936 for a mission in Afghanistan. He then definitively joined the CFP and left for Romania; in 1939 he made a mission to VenezuelaTotal au VenezuelaShow more. During the War, he joined the newly created SNPA as chief geologist; he remained there for six years, before returning in 1946 to the CFP, which he represented in the Caracas office until the early 1950s. He was recalled in 1952 to be assigned to research in the Sahara. Director General of CFP-A when it was created (1953), he was recalled to Headquarters in 1956 to become director of exploration at the EP. He is also the managing director of CPTL (Total Libya Petroleum Company). In 1969, the CEO charged him with supervising the affairs of the DCEP during a period of unavailability of J. Bénézit, central director. Director of TOP (NA), CFP (Métropole), CGG, CFP-A, etc. Former president of the French Association of Petroleum Technicians. J. Schoeffler recounts in Propos of old and today (in La Recherche petroleum française, Paris 1994) a mission in the Pyrenees led by Henri de Cizancourt with Henri Vautrin in 1940. The CFP dedicated to Henri Vautrin the n ° 11 from his technical collection Notes et Mémoires (Compagnie française des pétroles), 1974.

Died on May 24, 1973.

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