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Harry A. Jackson - President of American Petrofina

Graduate of the University of California (Berkeley). Vice president of Seaside Oil Company in Santa Barbara, California, and of Tidewater Associated Oil Company (later known as Getty Oil). Founder of American Petrofina in 1956, of which he was appointed Chairman, a position he held until 1968. It was under his chairmanship that Petrofina bought several companies in the southern United States (Panhandle Corp. (Texas), American Liberty Oil (Texas) and Petro-Atlas Corp. (Oklahoma).

In 1958, Petrofina was at the head of oil and gas reserves (66 Mboe), with production of 11 kbpd and 40 Mcfd, a refining capacity of 52 kbpd with three refineries, an extensive distribution network of 1,300 outlets, extending over several states in the southern and central United States. The company is rationalizing and improving these assets, in particular by modernizing the refineries. By 1959 it was profitable, generating a net income of $1 million. It purchased new reserves or improved the pipeline network serving its refineries. In 1962, it signed a major agreement with Cosden and entered the petrochemical business.

Harry A. Jackson is also a trustee of Fordham University and director of the Wilmington Trust Company and Seaboard Surety Company. He died on June 5, 1989.

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