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Guy de Massacré - CEO of Hutchinson

Born the 10th of December, 1921 in Sèvres (Seine et Oise)

Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

Vice-president and general manager of Préval from 1969 to 1973, then administrator. Director (1969) then CEO of Établissements Hutchinson (1969-1972). Vice-CEO then in 1976 CEO of Hutchinson-Mapa, that is to say the man of the takeover of Hutchinson by Mapa-Fit (1969-1972), then of the merger with Paulstra, when the company joined the CFP group (1974). Administrator of the roquefort cellars and producers united (1971).

Director of several companies and organizations including Paulstra, Gomme Hutchinson, or the Industrial Development Institute (IDI) from 1973, in particular during the presidency of La Martinière. He filed several patents between 1975 and 1977


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